5-Axis Gantry Type Vertical Machining Center


    • The UNi5X-800 design is based on an advanced gantry construction giving the most rigid structure.
    • Dual drive system with four-linear-guideway design on Y axis performs high-rigidity and high-precision machining.
    • Standard 32-tool magazine can couple with the 2nd tool magazine (opt.)--32T+32T large tool storage capacity.
    • Driven by three direct drive torque motors, A axis and C axis on power transmitting efficiency and acceleration / deceleration are more excellent than the worm and worm gear transmissions.
    • The German-made built-in spindle combined with 5-axis machining technology ensures a high quality machining and 5-axis continuous operation.
    • UNi5X-800 is extensively applied to the industries of aerospace, automotive, die & mold, medical, energy, shipbuilding, and furthermore, can realize the application needs of the customized products.
    • Work Table Size: ?800mm (31.5")
    • Workpiece Dimensions (W x H): ?800 x H 600mm(?31.5" x H 23.6")
    • Max. Table Load: 1,300kg (2,866 lbs)
    • X/Y/Z Axis Travel: 800 x 900 x 650mm(31.5"x 35.4"x 25.6")
    • Spindle Nose to Table Surface: 100~750mm (4"~29.5")
    • Rapid feed rate (X/Y/Z): 48m/min (1,889 ipm)
    • Cutting feed rate: 15 m/min (590 ipm)
    • A/C Axis rotation range: ± 120? / 360?
    • Spindle type: Built-in
    • Spindle speed: 18,000rpm
    • Tool capacity: 32T+32T (Opt.)